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MY STORY - August Words of Wisdom........TRUE FRIENDS

TD Jakes says "in life you have three types of friends;
1. Those called "comrades" who are with you during the race but when the race is over they immediately leave like they were not with you at all and even sometimes turn against you.
2. Those called "constituents" who are with you only whilst you are winning the race but when you start loosing they are no where to be seen!
3. Those called "confidantes" who are with you before, during and after the race and who stay with you whether you win or loose!

MY STORY-Friday 22nd July

People have tried to tell my story in their words;
words of lies,
words of deception,
words of deceit,
words of slander,
words of anger,
words of jealously,
words of malice,
words of evil,
words of injustice,
words of corruption,
but NOW its time for me to tell MY STORY in my own words.....

I have been quite for too long to wait for my turn to talk. This is the reason why I have started this blog but is not the reason why I will continue with this story.