“…there’s no amount of success in the world that makes up for failure in the family.” – Ken Sharpe

I try to be the best husband and father I can possibly be, and my beautiful wife Joanna and daughter Tatiana are the one’s who give me strength, hope and inspiration for do what I do. They are the gift God sent to me; all of my compassion and generosity has come from learning what’s in Joanna’s heart. She’s helped and continues to help me become a better person every single day. If my gift is to be obedient, and do things 100 percent through, then hers is to have absolute charity and does thing with absolute love. She unconditionally loves people, and it’s a quality I’m learning from her. I have my flaws alright; Joanna will tell you she "always has to pick up after me," and when it comes to arriving at the airport on-time to catch a flight, I don't have the worlds greatest track record. I’m an introvert
in this covenant and she’s the extrovert; together we make a great team!

My life was completely transformed in 1996 with the birth of my daughterTatiana. Suddenly my priorities and view of life changed – she became everything to me; all my hopes and inspirations. I dedicate everything that I am and everything that I have to her, and give her opportunities my parents weren’t able give me. Me and Joanna have taken Tatiana traveling since she was two years old. The world is full of diverse people, and I believe the best education you can bestow upon a child is to let them see and experience the rest of the world. Among her many talents, today Tatiana is the head of her own philanthropic organization, an African ballroom dancing champion, and “the youngest book writer in Zimbabwe” having written “The Lonely Tiger” – a children’s book. She also has her own website at

With my loving wife and our precious daughter, my philosophy and values have become much more focused on family. They are the most important thing to me in this life, and I truly believe there’s no amount of success in the world that makes up for failure in the family.

Another member of our family is our foster son, Denzel Malikwa who I’ve been sponsoring for the last three years. Again, like my daughter, it’s important to me to give him the opportunities most children aren’t fortunate enough to receive. When he was younger his grandmother supported him by selling vegetables on the street – he never knew his birth father. But today he’s turning into quite the academic. I made a deal with him and told him “if you do well at “O” levels (which I insisted he did the ZimSec curriculum as well as the Cambridge one - which is normally a two year courseand which he did in one year), then I would pay for his last two years of Cambridge “A” levels (this was so he could go to any Western University and private school his choosing). He sustained close to a 4.0 GPA, and after looking at all the options, he decided to be loyal to his hometown and stayed at Mabvuku High School. Last year he was elected into the Youth Parliament as the “Minister in the Presidents Office” and this year made head boy. A few weeks ago I was at a Mabvuku High School ceremony where he was honored with four academic prizes, as well as “best student of the year.”