Dinner at 10 Downing St. and St. James Palace

A few weeks ago, Joanna and I traveled to London to uphold an invitation we were so privileged to have received. The special gala was hosted at 10 Downing St. and St. James Palace—Parliament. It was quite an amazing experience amongst the country's political leaders and the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) leadership, who were celebrating their 70th anniversary and whom Her Majesty the Queen is the patron.

I was honored to have met The Lord Spiritual Bishop of Manchester, Lord Michael Howard (former leader of the Conservative Party) and was fortunate enough to have conversed in a meaningful discussion about Zimbabwe with him and MP (Member of Parliament) Jonathan Djanogyly, as well as other key members in the House of Lords.
On top of all this, we were also introduced to and spoke with Prime Minister Cameron, who—to my surprise—asked me quite a lot regarding the Zimbabwe situation. Being the “Zim”

Patriot that I am, I must have impressed the PM with my dialogue because he closed our talks by commenting, “That is by far the most promising assessment that I have heard so far… And shows we have hope…” (for Zimbabwe).