YPO - Young Presidents Organization

The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) is the biggest global network of professionals peer to peer of the heads of their organizations in the world (http://www.ypo.org). There’s 17,000 members. The companies they control are worth over $6 trillion U.S. dollars – about 8% of the global capitol. So as an economic powerhouse, we are the most globally influential economic group of businesspeople linked together in a network.

In 2008 I was the youngest YPO Harare Chapter Chairman. I have a reputation in YPO as a person who is committed 100 percent to everything I do; “100 percent man.” I was selected as education chair for the chapter and was due to attend the 2007 Global Leadership Conference, however, on the 16th January 2007 I had a “near death” ski accident in Whistler, Canada which put me into a coma for five days and left me clinging for my life. A week after I awoke out of the coma, I was still committed to attending the GLC while I was still recovering in Vancouver from the emergency surgery. I wasn’t allowed to fly, so I did what any “committed” man would do. I took a train across the Rockies for four days!

YPO has made a major influence, impact and contribution in my life, and whilst in hospital I realized I wanted to give more back to the organization. I became the champion for “Doing Business in Africa” currently the biggest group in YPO. Our mission is to connect YPO/WPO’ers across the continent with their peers wanting to come in and do business with Africa.Sharing, collaborating contacts/information and “how to do business” in their country to help ease their barrier entry into the continent; making it more efficient for them. Its all about local knowledge; especially in this part of the world. Inward investments (FDI) into Africa will be transformational for her people. We’re the continent that’s been to the “begging bowl” of the world for a long time and we need “trade not aid.”

Doing Business In Africa (DBIA) group

The largest group in YPO, our mission is to connect YPOers to business opportunities, investments and alliances in Africa with (only in YPO) first- hand knowledge from peers and their contacts on the continent.

World Economic Forum (WEP)

“Committed to improving the stare of the world”

The World Economic Forum is a Geneva-based non-profit foundation best known for its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland which brings together top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world, including health and the environment. YPO through the GDPP Network has been able to secure selected seats at WEF for YPO’ers to attend this annual prestigious conference. The “Doing Business in Africa” Group is the champion of the local efforts at WEF, focused on “only in YPO” MiM and Networking events.

YPO Attendees at the 2011 WEF had the opportunity to hear from numerous leaders of various countries, including the South African President, Jacob Zuma, who stated; that of the worlds 10 fastest growing economies this year, seven were in Sub Saharan Africa; how GDP growth has been above 5% for the continent in a tide of a global recession and Africa has emerged relatively unscathed from the global economic crisis… Ken Sharpe May ‘11

Family Philanthropy Network (FPN)

"A Philanthropic branch of YPO consisting of 600 members globally..."